I confirm that I am 21 years of age or older, a UK resident and I have not been declared bankrupt in the last 6 years. I also confirm that I am not currently participating in a debt management program. All of the information I have provided to you is true and correct.
If my application is accepted in principle, I understand and agree that, prior to the completion of the application and the release of the loan monies, an agent will visit me in my home to conduct an affordability assessment and complete a consumer credit agreement.
Using my personal information

You may use all of the information that I give to Diamond Financial Services (Yorkshire) Limited, or that you hold about me to provide and manage the product I have applied for, help make decisions about credit, recover debt and identify products and services which may be of interest. This includes information about the conduct (including details of transactions) of any account that I have with you, Diamond Financial Services (Yorkshire) Limited. You may also use my information to help you develop and improve your products and services. I understand that you will not keep my personal data for longer than necessary to provide the service, or as required by law.
Sharing my personal information

You may share my information with Diamond Financial Services (Yorkshire) Limited and with service providers, third party research organisations or agents for the purposes of account management, making credit decisions, tracing, debt collection, fraud prevention and detection, to prevent money laundering, market research and statistical analysis. I understand that you may also give essential information about my account to others, where I have provided my agreement, if you are compelled to do so by law or for regulatory purposes.
Credit reference agencies

I understand that when you assess this application, you will use the information for credit assessment which may include credit scoring. You may make any enquiries relating to me that you consider necessary (for example from another financial institution) and search the files of credit reference agencies which will keep a record of each search. This could affect my ability to get credit elsewhere within a short period of time. Details about this application (whether or not it goes ahead) will be reported to the credit reference agencies. You will also pass details about me and how I run my account (if my application is successful) to credit reference agencies. I understand that this will include if I fail to make agreed payments and this may affect my ability to get further credit.
Verifying my identity and fraud checks

Before you can accept my loan application, in order to prevent or detect fraud, you will check and share the information provided in this application or at any stage with fraud prevention agencies and may make searches at credit reference agencies who will supply you with information, including information from the electoral register, for the purpose of verifying my identity. Scoring methods may be used to verify my identity. A record of this process will be kept that may be used to help other companies to verify my identity. If false or inaccurate information is provided and fraud identified, details may be passed to fraud prevention agencies. Law enforcement agencies may access and use this information.
You and other organisations may search and use the records held by credit reference and fraud prevention agencies to prevent and investigate crime, fraud and money laundering and for example:
    •to check details on applications for credit and credit related or other facilities;
    •to verify my identity if I or my financial associate applies for other facilities;
    •to manage credit and credit related accounts or facilities;
    •to undertake tracing or to recover debt.
You may also search and use your internal records for these purposes.
You and other organisations may search and use from other countries the information recorded at fraud prevention agencies.
For further information on the credit reference agencies and fraud prevention agencies that Diamond Financial Services (Yorkshire) Limited use, write to us at:
Diamond Financial Services (Yorkshire) Limited, International House, Trinity Business Park, Turner Way, Wakefield WF2 8EF
or email us at 
or you may telephone us on 01924 371 766.
Access to information

I understand I have the right to see certain records you hold about me if I pay a fee. For further information I can write to Diamond Financial Services (Yorkshire) Limited, International House, Trinity Business Park, Turner Way, Wakefield WF2 8EF or email you at

Unless I have indicated otherwise, by continuing with this application I agree to you contacting me by post, telephone, text and/or email (or such other channel you may adopt from time to time) about services and/or products offered by you which you consider to be of interest to me. I understand that I have the right at any time to stop you from contacting me or giving my details to others for marketing purposes, by writing to Diamond Financial Services (Yorkshire) Limited, International House, Trinity Business Park, Turner Way, Wakefield WF2 8EF or by emailing you at
I understand that if I have any questions that I wish to discuss with you before I proceed I can telephone you on 01924 371766.

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